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Diamond Jewelry

We offer amazing cash values for all your diamond jewelry including, but not limited to, earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches, pins, pendants and more. Call us today for a free quote!

Loose Diamond Stones

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Diamond Watches

We offer the very best cash values for all your diamond watches including but not limited to, partial diamonds, diamond bezel or even completed encrusted in diamonds. We also buy watches of any movement type, of any age. Call us today for a free quote!.

Diamond Buyers Palm Beach County

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Make Your Diamonds Last Forever with Forgotten Treasures

We all know how precious diamonds are. These have become one of the most iconic precious stones you can ever give to a loved one. However, there will always be instances when life tests your limits and expose you to financial difficulties. If you have diamonds, make them last forever with Forgotten Treasures by selling them to us at the highest possible price. You can then use this cash to finance whatever it is you need to fund.
While experts agree that the use of diamonds as an important gemstone for wedding rings is all a marketing ploy in the early 20th century to increase the sales of such stones, it cannot be denied that it worked. Today, more than ever, diamonds have become the most sought after gemstone for very important occasions such as engagements and weddings. It has become synonymous with the utmost luxury, opulence, and only the best things in life. At Forgotten Treasures, we’ll treat your diamonds as if it were from a royal crown.

From diamond-studded rings, bracelets, and earrings, you can count on us to provide you with exceptionally high value for these hard-to-find stones. We’ll make sure that we are going to examine everything to give you the best price you can ever imagine. Bring your brooches, pins, necklaces, and pendants that are adorned with diamonds and we’ll give you a quote that we guarantee will be hard to resist.

If you have rough cut diamonds or any diamond pieces at all, we’ll buy them, too. And we’ll buy them at a price that leaves other diamond buyers in the dust. There’s only one brand you can rely on to give you the most cash to your precious stones: Forgotten Treasures.

We also accept diamond watches regardless of whether they have mechanical or quartz movement. We accept diamond bezels, partial diamonds, or even those timepieces that have been encrusted in these glittering and timeless stones. Just as timeless as these gems are, you can count on us to handle them like some true ageless beauty that will endure for all time.

Selling your diamonds to us can gain you a fortune. You can use this to invest in one particular project that will grow your wealth. And if you are dreaming of a much-needed holiday vacation, you can now do so by selling your diamonds to us. You’ll still have plenty of cash soon after. There are many things you can do with the money that we’re going to pay for your diamonds. Because we value these gemstones as much as you value them, we are able to provide you with a price that the competition can only dream of providing.

With Forgotten Treasures, not only are you creating huge sums of money for your precious diamonds, you will also feel more confident that they will be in safe and able hands. Others will be enjoying these diamonds as if it was their life. You can then feel certain that your diamonds will last forever.

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