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Estate Jewelry

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Estate Buying with Forgotten Treasures

Estate jewelry is usually used interchangeably with vintage jewelry and antique jewelry. However, these three are different and what we want to know more of is buying estate jewelry, what to consider in buying, and what Forgotten Treasures can offer you. But for the sake of clarity, it would be useful to differentiate the three.

Vintage jewelry is jewelry that was famous during a certain time period. These are the distinguishable kinds and designs of jewelry that were famous for a time and isn’t anymore today.

Antique jewelry is almost the same, but it talks more about the jewelry that has an age of around 100 years or more. They aren’t necessarily vintage, and vintage jewelry aren’t necessarily antique too.

On the other hand, estate jewelry is jewelry that was once owned by someone else. You might wonder about the difference it has with buying and selling. Well, estate jewelry, taken from its name, is jewelry that was once part of someone else’s estate. It could have come from someone who passed away or someone who had to sell their estate.

The kinds of jewelry sold in this category have intricate designs and craftsmanship. They are often made with gold or silver and have a precious stone attached to it. Knowing what estate jewelry is is important because you might end up complaining why you have secondhand jewelry.

Forgotten Treasures is one of the places you could go to when you want to buy estate jewelry. They have gold, silver, diamonds, and much more and they guarantee that you can get the best price with their offers.

One of the most common pieces they have and they negotiate with buyers and sellers are diamond and gold pieces. For diamonds, they have pieces that have a traditional cut like a rose cut or and old-mine cut. More modern cuts are the studs or princess’ cuts. When it comes to golden jewelry, old estate jewelry usually ranges from 12 to 23-karat gold and they can come in the form of brooches, lockets, and even watches.

However, it is not just about the price when it comes to buying these kinds of items. There are still other things to consider. First, you should look at the seller and the items they are selling. Estate jewelry is one of a kind, meaning they don’t have many of a certain piece. When you find a seller that sells a lot of the same jewelry, then this is an indication that they aren’t selling authentic estate jewelry.

You can also assess the seller if you try to ask about them with other people who are interested in estate jewelry. If they have made a reputation of selling estate jewelry, then you can somehow feel assured that they are experts.

Moreover, you can talk to the seller and you can ask them how they came across a certain piece of jewelry. Asking them this question will give you an idea if they are legitimate or they are just making a story.

Another thing to consider is the patina. Patina is a term used by jewelry dealers that means a thin film on the surface of the item. This isn’t literally a film, but more of a sign that it was once used. Look for signs of oxidation too because this will give you an idea of how old the item is.

At Forgotten treasures, they will not just give you the best price for the jewelry, but they will also assure you that they are a legitimate dealer and they sell real estate jewelry.

Some Time Periods where Estate Jewelry Came From

  1. Victorian Period – the Victorian Era can be divided in two: early Victorian, and Late Victorian. Early Victorian jewelry are usually patterned to nature and they are in the forms of brooches and lockets. This usually was produced for couples to show their affection for one another. On the other hand, jewelry from the Late Victorian period were less intricate because this was the time when the Industrial Revolution paved the way for mass production.
  1. Art Nouveau – Art Nouveau jewelry revolves around beauty especially the things that are associated with women’s beauty. This includes butterflies, flowers, and curves.
  1. Art Deco – jewelry during the 1930s that are often symmetric and geometric can be classified as Art Deco. They are more abstract and are patterned with cubism. Art Deco estate jewelry often has the highest bids in auctions.

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